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precast concrete philadelphia

As part of the ever developing University City area of Philadelphia, the University City Science Center, (UCSC) in collaboration with landscape design firm Andropogon Associates, are transforming 37th Street between Market and Chestnut Street into a dynamic pedestrian plaza that will also celebrate local innovators. ConcreteWorks East has been brought onto the project to provide more then 30 precast blocks as hardscape elements. These blocks will be placed in the Block 1 area of the plaza in various horizontal and vertical patterns in which certain blocks will receive a decorative metal panel featuring an engraved name. Here at CWE, we are wrapping up production. The plaza is expected to be complete in September 2015. Check back soon for updates and hopefully photos of the completed project.

Photo source: Andropogon Associates

concrete hardscapes
concrete hardscapes
concrete blocks
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