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cnc precast concrete

Custom 3D Concrete

As technology evolves, so does design. New computer-controlled machines and modeling software have made it possible to design and create increasingly complex shapes. Precast concrete has become a popular material choice to bring those complex designs to life due to the unmatched ability for concrete to be formed into any shape.

At Concreteworks East, our mission is to bring any designer’s creative vision to life with concrete. As the popularity of these 3-dimensional complex and organic shapes continues to grow, we continue to invest in our in house fabrication capabilities to succeed on that mission. Paired with the use of glass fiber reinforced concrete, not only can we offer a concrete mix with superior durability, strength, and color development, we can now create concrete shapes that weren’t viable in years past.

CNC Milling

Our in house 4-axis CNC router allows us to mill a variety of substrates that become the building blocks of our forms. From custom tubs to custom planter walls, our CNC capabilities allow us to take on the most complex shapes. CNC milled templates allow us to create dimensionally precise precast concrete products. Milling unique textures into the surface faces of the form that are transferred to the concrete product during casting continue to make the design possibilities endless.

3d concrete

3D Modeling

AutoCAD, Fusion360, and other modeling software used by the team at Concreteworks East allow us to work closely with designers to provide design collaboration and fabrication feasibility reviews. From there, Concreteworks East will design the forms around the 3d volumes and prepare the project for fabrication.

Mold Building

Our team of fabricators have years of experience preparing molds for concrete castings. As the designs increase in complexity, mold preparation and building become even more critical in producing a successful casting. At Concreteworks East we use a variety of coatings and prepping techniques, perfected through continuous process development, to create a mold ready for the GFRC casting process.