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custom concrete wall panels

Custom Concrete Wall Panels

Concreteworks East’s precast concrete wall panels are the perfect complimentary element to any space as they bring the unique style and texture of precast concrete. Since wall panels have little functional limitations, they become the perfect element to explore the dynamic nature of concrete to its fullest. Whether a geometric grid of varying colors and textures or a three dimensional formed pattern, Concreteworks East can help bring your project to life. Contact the Concreteworks East team today so we can assist you in how to bring your vision to life.

GFRC Wall Panels

Our concrete wall panels are cast using a Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) matrix, a high performance concrete that allows the panels to be made lighter, stronger, thinner and larger then conventional concrete. Our GFRC wall panels are typically made at 3/4″ – 1″ thick. Since there are no stone aggregates or metal reinforcing within a standard wall panel, GFRC can be cut as easily as natural stone tile allowing you to order one generic size for efficiency or still design each wall panel to a custom size. With a custom concrete wall panel, designers do not need to be constrained by the limited size, shape, and color options of off the shelf or standardized products. Suitable for both exterior and interior uses, GFRC wall panels act as a functional and aesthetic surface that will always last.
gfrc wall panels

Interior Concrete Wall Panels

Whether for a building lobby, and office conference room, or a living room feature wall, custom concrete wall panels will transform any interior space. At Concreteworks East we offer 12 standard colors and a large range of surface finishes, though the possibilities are endless with our custom color development. Our interior wall concrete panels are typically 3/4″ – 1″ thick and can be installed with simply a high strength epoxy adhesive. 

Interior Concrete Wall Panels

Exterior Concrete Cladding

Define the exterior facades of your building with custom GFRC concrete cladding. Our precast panels are available in a custom thickness, typically with a 1″ minimum, that allow for KEIL undercut anchors to be drilled at our facility or on-site. With the undercut anchors in place, the cladding panels can be attached to the building using a Monarch rain screen system. Contact us for more information on installing our concrete panels as exterior cladding.
exterior concrete cladding

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