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Introductory Call

Our sales team will reach out to discuss your project with you. We will learn about your desired design intent as well as a preliminary timeline and budget for the project. We will also discuss intent for color, finish, and guide you to a solution that best fits your project. Most importantly, we will need an architectural drawing set to move to the next step.


Quantity Take Off

Our estimating team will review your provided architectural drawings to quantity the total amount of architectural concrete in the project. If there are any specific details missing in the drawings, we will reach out to you to resolve the missing detail or propose a solution. This process, depending on the size of the job, can take 1 – 3 weeks.



Our Sales & estimating will combine all the pricing, quantities, and relevant information into a proposal that will be submitted to you for review. A fabrication lead time will also be provided on the Proposal. Samples will be submitted to preliminary review.


Signed Proposal & Deposit

Any final adjustments are made to the proposal and the manufacturing terms are provided. If you are ready to move forward, a signed proposal and deposit would be provided to Concreteworks East.


Project Management Introduction

Your project will be kicked off to our Project Manager. They will introduce themselves and provide a full road map for the project. They will establish the approvals needed to move into production.


Shop Drawings

Concreteworks East fabrication shop drawings will be submitted for review. Depending on the size of the project, initial submittal may take 2-3 weeks from signed. Drawings need to by reviewed by the design team for design intent, and then by the contract holder for final dimensional confirmation. One revise & resubmit is included in the proposal.



All shop drawings and samples are confirmed as approved. We can now move into production.



Your project is now scheduled for fabrication to begin. Production lead time varies, though usually 6-8 weeks for smaller projects, and 10-12 weeks for larger projects. During this process, the Project Manager will provide photo and schedule updates on a regular basis.


Final Inspection

Once fabrication is complete, we will invite the project team to review the final product at our facility for acceptance. If it isn’t possible for the team to review in person, a photo submittal of the product will be provided.



With the final product inspected, we will crate the material and the Project Manager will confirm all the delivery logistics. Your product will be shipped directly to your job site or staging warehouse.

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