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Concrete Tubs

Deck Tub

Our custom concrete tubs allow for endless possibilities to help you create the perfect center piece for any bathroom, spa, or scenic outdoor space. At Concreteworks East, we will bring your vision to life with a truly unique product experience. Custom tubs are available as these main styles:

Freestanding Tub: This tub stands alone freely within the bath space and is visibly finished on all sides. Overflows, if required, are integrated within the walls of the tub to create a sleek aesthetic since plumbing options are more restrictive with this style of tub. The tub is typically placed directly on the finished floor below with the filler fixture coming of the floor.

Deck Tub: This tub has a larger flat surface deck that surrounds the tub basin. Our deck style concrete tubs can accommodate a full range of drains, fillers, and controls. A deck tub is typically placed against 2 or 3 walls and an integral apron is placed on the visible sides of the tub or the tub can be dropped into an existing apron structure. The empty space underneath the tub deck allows for more plumbing features, such as a whirlpool setup.

Sunken Tub: The most defining feature of this tub style is that the mass of the tub basin is set into the floor. This allows a very easy step into the tub and unobstructed views into and out of the room, making the tub a popular for choice spas and serene bathroom designs. Integrated steps or a seating bench further enhance this tubs design. The empty space underneath the floor deck allows for more plumbing features, such as a whirlpool setup.

Hand crafted in New Jersey. Shipped nationwide.

Contact the Concreteworks East team today so we can assist you in how to bring your vision to life at or (732) 390-9944.2




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