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Concrete Tile & Pavers

Custom Concrete Tile

Custom made to any specified size, shape, or finish, ConcreteWorks East can provide your residence or commercial application with beautiful precast concrete tile to create a one of a kind surface floor. Our precast tile or paver come already sealed to best suit your particular application, whether it be a hotel lobby or your pool patio. Break the mold of a typical floor with the endless dynamic possibilities of concrete.

Our concrete tile are cast using a glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) matrix that allows the tile to be made larger, thinner, and lighter then conventional concrete. The denser surface produced by the GFRC fabrication process also provides better surface absorption protection. Typically made at 3/4″ to 1″ thick, our concrete tile can be cut as easily as natural stone tile so you can order one generic size for efficiency or still design each tile to a custom size.

Concreteworks East offers a standard range of 12 colors, though custom color development is available as well if your project has a specific color palette. Beyond color, Concreteworks East also offers a variety of finishes to create refined surfaces with different contrast, texture and depth. All of our products come with protecting sealer applied available in either matte or gloss.

Contact the Concreteworks East team today so we can assist you in how to bring your vision to life at or (732) 390-9944.



Though a very popular choice for bathroom floors, concrete floor tile can perfectly suit any space within a residence. Make a striking first impression with terrazzo tile in the foyer. Outdoors, concrete pavers are the perfect option to create that breath taking patio area. The concrete can be custom matched to the color of the house and sized to match proportions. You will be surprised with all the options your imagination can explore.

With custom concrete tile designers do not need to be constrained by the limited size, shape, and color options of off the shelf material. Design the tile to be evenly sized throughout the space or sized for a seam to meet a column or other architectural points. Color match the tile to the wall paint or other elements in the space. All of these possibilities have made concrete tile an increasingly popular choice among commercial applications. We suit the tile’s sealer to your particular application to provide the best protection and ease of maintenance as possible.

Hand crafted in New Jersey and shipped nationwide.



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