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custom concrete sinks

Custom Concrete Sinks

Custom cast to your design, a concrete sink offers you creative flexibility in every aspect of its design. Concreteworks East’s custom precast concrete sinks are available in a variety of styles, from trough to ramp and anything in between, to create the perfect design for any bathroom. Our concrete vanities and sinks can accommodate a full range of drains, soap dispensers, and faucets. Every sink we fabricate is one of a kind and is available in our full line of colors, as well as custom colors.

Residential Sinks

Whether for your bathroom or kitchen, a one of a kind custom concrete sink will make a bold statement. Match the sink or vanity to floor tile or go with a completely contrasting color. The kitchen or bathroom sink areas are the most hands-on experiences within your residence so really take advantage of the ability to design and set up the sinks exactly to the way you want it.

Commercial Sinks

Concrete sinks provide an amazing solution for a variety of commercial applications as they can be custom designed in size and style to accommodate private or large public use. Complete a high end spa, a gym locker room, or the public bathroom for a hotel or restaurant. We will work with you to meet any ADA requirements and accommodate the number of drains of faucets you need. Even design in a trash or towel chute.

Sink Styles

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Floating Vanity

floating concrete vanity

Floating vanities instantly add an edge of sophistication to any bathroom space. We often receive inquiries from designers, contractors, and homeowners alike as to the best means to use a custom Concreteworks East vanity in a floating application. While Concreteworks East does not provide structural supports or installation, from experience we have found the best method is to use a steel tube with a floor plate anchored into the floor within the wall framing. Steel channel or tube would be welded to the post to create the arm extension in which the concrete vanity would be set on.

These structures should be placed at the far ends of the concrete vanity and/or immediately to the left and right of the sink basin in which the openings of the concrete vanity exist. A minimum of 2 steel arm structures should be used, though the final quantity and gauge steel to be used is dependent on the size of the vanity.

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