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concrete sink

Custom Concrete Sinks

When people think of concrete, they often think of things like sidewalks, driveways, and even streets. The concrete used to create those items is often rough and porous — not precisely the ideal material for sinks or other interior features. For our custom sinks — and most of our other interior projects — we use a glass fiber-reinforced concrete mix. Not only is it stronger and more durable than conventional concrete mixes, but it also allows us to create the sleek, smooth appearance people love.

No wonder concrete sinks remain one of the most sought-after looks in upscale home remodeling. On-trend but not trendy, these sinks are highly flexible. We can fabricate them to your specifications so you can get the form you want and the functionality that you need.

floating concrete vanity

Floating Concrete Vanities

The minimalist look remains a popular choice in décor for residential and commercial spaces. Floating vanities take that trend to the next level. We can fabricate a floating vanity that fits your space.

We are fabricators, not installers, so we do not install our sinks on-site. However, we are happy to work with your designers and contractors to ensure that they use the appropriate methods to keep these floating vanities stable and well-supported. It starts with the wall framing. Placing a floor plate there, then welding steel tubes or channels to the post, creates a stable but invisible base for the concrete sink and vanity combination. We are happy to work with contractors to ensure they are using the correct number of supports and the right gauge of steel to support the weight of the sink.

While the installation requires meticulous attention to detail, the results are stunning. You get an open, beautiful vanity space without the clutter of cabinets. It can make even smaller bathrooms or wash areas look larger and give larger bathrooms the look of a spa facility.

Residential Concrete Sinks

One of the most appealing aspects of a custom cast concrete sink is that it is one-of-a-kind. That gives it a wow factor in your bathroom, washroom, or kitchen. Custom sinks are also an excellent choice for mudrooms or laundry rooms. Wherever you put them, you can configure them however you want. That means you control the width, depth, and length. You can choose the design of the basin, how many faucets it has, and how it drains.

You can go with a stand-alone or floating sink design or incorporate the sink into a sink and counter combination. Plus, with our wide range of standard colors and the ability to custom create a color of your choice, you will get a result that has the natural look of stone that is present in all concrete while still being fully compatible with the rest of your décor.

residential concrete sinks

Commercial Concrete Sinks

Concrete sinks exceed expectations in commercial environments. We can create them in any size or style, which means they can be as large — or as small — as you need them to be. They add a high-end look to any space, allowing you to elevate the look without being trendy or frilly. Customers love them for their public bathrooms, spas, and locker rooms. They can also be an excellent addition for prep work in commercial kitchens.

For businesses, one of the top concerns is ensuring that you remain in compliance with the ADA. With a custom sink, we can fabricate and cast the sink with ADA considerations in mind. There is no need to sacrifice beauty to get the ADA sinks that the law requires and that your customers and visitors deserve!

Being fully customizable also helps us add features to your sink that can improve its function. We can add soap dispensers, plenty of drainage, towel chutes, and trash chutes. You can streamline the appearance of your whole wash area by adding these features.

commercial concrete sink


Color - Sterling
Color - Uptown
Color - Wainscott
Color - Flat Iron
Flat Iron
Color - Cumulus
Color - Grammercy
Color - Hudson
Color - Hudson

Get in touch

Working with custom architectural precast concrete is often a new experience for most designers, contractors, and homeowners.

Whether you are a designer in the early stages of design or a contractor in the bidding process, the Concreteworks East team would be glad to assist you.

Every project and application is unique though, so often the best way to collaborate is to have architectural drawings, sketches, or renderings prepared to send to our team.

This will help us understand the design intent and guide you through the possibilities along with preparing a quote.

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