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Concrete Countertops

As the original application for architectural concrete, precast concrete countertops are a distinctive addition to any kitchen, bathroom, restaurant, or bar. Our concrete countertops are custom made to your unique design and hand crafted with over 20 years of experience in a wide variety finishes and colors that will create a bold and complimentary element in any space. At Concreteworks East, our concrete countertops are cast using a Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) matrix, a high performance concrete that allows the countertops to be made lighter, stronger, thinner and larger then conventional concrete.

Our countertops can accommodate a full range of sinks, faucets, and kitchen appliances so you can design your counter space with almost no restrictions. Additional features such as a cast-in drainboard for the sink, trash chutes, or a stainless steel pot trivet are all possibilities with concrete countertops.

Concreteworks East offers a standard range of 12 colors, though custom color development is available as well if your project has a specific color palette. Beyond color, Concreteworks East also offers a variety of finishes to create refined surfaces with different contrast, texture and depth. All of our products come with protecting sealer applied available in either matte or gloss.

Contact the Concreteworks East team today so we can assist you in how to bring your vision to life at or (732) 390-9944.



Residential kitchens and bathrooms helped start the architectural precast movement and is one of our original custom products. Homeowners and designers are always searching for a product that embodies a truly custom and unique element to their home. Whether for a kitchen countertop, bathroom vanity top, or a home bar, Concreteworks East’s custom concrete countertops bring a product hand crafted for you to your favorite space.

Concrete countertops are growing increasingly popular in commercial applications from corporate offices to restaurants alike. Make an immediate statement with concrete countertops for a reception desk. Enhance customer and employee experiences with concrete countertops for a cafe bar, restaurant bar, or for a corporate office kitchen. Add contrast to a retail product area. Every business and space is unique. Concreteworks East strives to help you achieve your unique style through our products.

Hand crafted in New Jersey and shipped nationwide.



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