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Concrete Fireplaces

Whether a simple hearth or a complete surround, our custom concrete fireplace elements become the main attraction of any living space. The depth, tones, and natural texture of concrete can be the perfect compliment to the warm ambiance of a fireplace. Concreteworks East has worked with a variety of fireplace styles in our twenty years of architectural precast experience so we will work with you to ensure that all the fireplace elements come together seamlessly.


As the focal point of a living room, library, or outdoor patio, a concrete fireplace surround or hearth will grab the room’s attention. Experiment with a raw and troweled finish to add both a natural texture and a feeling of solidity with a monolithic look. Or go with a polished finish and a light color to further bring out the warm ambiance and add a level of refinement.


A concrete fireplace makes the perfect center piece for busy social spaces as the crowd will love to gather around it. A perfect addition to a hotel lobby, a restaurant, and a cafe or bar. Have an outdoor seating? A precast concrete fireplace will create that raw and natural look while still being a perfect material to weather the elements.

Hand crafted in New Jersey and shipped nationwide.



Color - Sterling
Color - Uptown
Color - Wainscott
Color - Flat Iron
Flat Iron
Color - Cumulus
Color - Grammercy
Color - Hudson
Color - Hudson


Get in touch

Working with custom architectural precast concrete is often a new experience for most designers, contractors, and homeowners.

Whether you are a designer in the early stages of design or a contractor in the bidding process, the Concreteworks East team would be glad to assist you.

Every project and application is unique though, so often the best way to collaborate is to have architectural drawings, sketches, or renderings prepared to send to our team.

This will help us understand the design intent and guide you through the possibilities along with preparing a quote.

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