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Commercial Concrete Tile

Custom Concrete Landscapes

Concrete has a variety of options for outdoor applications and Concreteworks East constantly collaborates on pool decks, pavers, firepits, outdoor kitchens, furniture, stairs, and more precast concrete hardscapes. The organic lines of exterior spaces can be traced perfectly onto the precast elements from the flexibility of shape the concrete forms can molded to. Designers can create planter walls or benches with multiple curves, height variation, and slope to create something truly unique for any project.

custom concrete planters

Concrete Planters

Our custom concrete planters offer clients complete design flexibility so you can create a unique element for your building plaza, office terrace, or residential patio. Our concrete planters are fabricated using glass fiber reinforced concrete and are sealed specially for outdoor application to provide a durable, strong, and lightweight concrete product. With our in house CNC and 3d modeling capabilities, we can bring any unique planter design to life.

custom concrete benches

Custom Concrete Benches

Seating elements are often the design and functional focal point of any plaza, terrace, park, or patio space. At Concreteworks East, we are always collaborating with designers and architects to bring even the most complex designs to life. With our custom concrete benches, the design flexibility allows for unique light channel, back rest, and skate deterrent design. Fabricated using glass fiber reinforced concrete for a strong and durable product.

Concreteworks East offers a standard range of 12 colors, though custom color development is available as well if your project has a specific color palette. Beyond color, Concreteworks East also offers a variety of finishes to create refined surfaces with different contrast, texture and depth.

concrete pool coping

Concrete Coping

Add definition to the perimeter any exterior architectural feature with custom concrete coping. At Concreteworks East we fabricate custom coping for pools, retaining walls, and terraces. Design flexibility with a custom product allows for unique uses of cast-in lettering and light channels as well as custom colors so you can contrast as much or as little as your design intends. Our coping are specifically sealed for exterior use to provide clients with a durable product.


Color - Sterling
Color - Uptown
Color - Wainscott
Color - Flat Iron
Flat Iron
Color - Cumulus
Color - Grammercy
Color - Hudson
Color - Hudson


Get in touch

Working with custom architectural precast concrete is often a new experience for most designers, contractors, and homeowners.

Whether you are a designer in the early stages of design or a contractor in the bidding process, the Concreteworks East team would be glad to assist you.

Every project and application is unique though, so often the best way to collaborate is to have architectural drawings, sketches, or renderings prepared to send to our team.

This will help us understand the design intent and guide you through the possibilities along with preparing a quote.

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