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Taking QSR Automations to new levels with GFRC Strairs

QSR Automations, headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, is constructing a new headquarters that is part of a larger technology campus. The three-story office building is roughly 37,000 square feet and is accompanied by a 20,000 square foot computer component assembly plant. The campus will be the home to over 150 employees.

DKN Architects commissioned Concreteworks East to fabricate custom precast GFRC stair treads and landings to be assembled adjacent to the building’s café area. The treads for this installation were fabricated in our “Uptown” color utilizing a polished finish. The tread design incorporates a back-cut front riser and straight rear riser, creating an opening for the steel structure support. This assembly covers the structural support to provide a clean, open aesthetic to the stair case. Each tread also utilizes a pair of Balco AS-2 abrasive strips in black to offer a striking contrast to the bright white of our Uptown color.

The project is expected to be completed in Summer 2021 so stay tuned for updates and finished photographs of the space. To learn more about our custom precast stair treads, check out our Stairs information page or contact us at

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