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column cladding

Concreteworks East is currently in production of beautiful round concrete column cladding for the lobby (and full building) renovations taking place at 450 W 33rd Street as part of Brookfield Properties Manhattan West development. Precast concrete, especially when using glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC), is the ideal product for interior or exterior column cladding. Molds for the concrete casting are custom fabricated to the size and shape of the project’s column, so there is full control over the diameter and seam spacing. Even more so, as the designer you have full control over the color and finish. Regardless of the round shape, the concrete can still polished and ground exactly the same as flat surfaces. Fabricated at 1″ thick, the cladding only weighs in at 9lbs per square foot. Cast in hardware options makes installation much easier and provides structural support. As an exterior cladding, concrete serves as a great weather barrier that will last for plenty of years while still being easy to maintain.

The round column cladding for Manhattan West’s 450 W 33rd St. features a light polished aggregate exposure with a light acid etch to enhance the texture of the concrete.

The architectural firm REX designed the redevelopment of Five Manhattan West, including a new pleated glass façade which will create floor‐to‐ceiling windows on every floor, maximizing daylight penetration while reducing solar gain through geometric ‘self‐shading.’ The interior program includes a redesigned lobby, upgraded and expanded elevators, and enhanced HVAC and other mechanical systems. New retail storefronts will provide a welcoming streetscape. The renovation is expected to be completed in 2016.


Take a look at the photos below to see the work in action and stay tune to the Concreteworks East Blog for photos of the finished building later this year.

Concrete cladding nyc
Concrete column cladding awaiting polishing.
Concrete cladding nyc
Casting of round concrete column cladding.
round column cladding
Concrete column cladding awaiting sealer.
Concrete cladding nyc
Concrete column cladding awaiting sealer.
Manhattan West
Lobby View from Sidewalk
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