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concrete benches

As part of the plaza renovation for 1133 6th Avenue, Concreteworks East in collaboration with STUDIOS Architecture and Plaza Construction is fabricating unique precast GFRC benches. The 12 total components will be set in a rectangular layout creating a landscaped planter boundary, becoming the centerpiece of the building’s front plaza. The finished product will have a light terrazzo finish as the custom glass and quartz aggregate was added to the GFRC mix. With three of the twelve components cast, we always like to share some photos of the unique precast process. Check out our Facebook page for continued progress pictures and till Spring 2016 for photos of the finished project.

gfrc benches

(Above and Below): The GFRC mix back-up is added onto the form walls in building the initial thickness on top of the face mix.

concrete benches

precast concrete nyc

(Above): Fresh out of the mold, the precast GFRC benches are taken and staged out-side in preparation for polishing.

gfrc polishing

(Above): The finishing crew begins their first round of polishing as they grind done the surface to start exposing the glass and quartz aggregate within the mix.

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