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Kings Plaza
ClientKings Plaza Shopping CenterDesignern/aLocationNew York, NYShare

Beginning in 2017, the Kings Plaza Shopping Center underwent redevelopment at the former Sears building, making way for a three story Primark location, as well as a two-level Zara adjacent to the mall entrance; additional space for new retail and restaurant; a new entrance on Flatbush Avenue; and building façade and exterior improvements. To create intermittent safety barriers at the new plaza space, the architects designed decorative round planters measuring over 5’ in diameter.

Concreteworks East was excited to be brought on board to fabricate these custom GFRC concrete planters. The precast planters featured a tapered wall design and a sloping top rim to increase the planters’ presence in the plaza. Integrated strapping/fork slots and drainage holes make the planters functional. The concrete planters were placed strategically outside of the entryway and along the bustling sidewalk at Flatbush Avenue. Cast in our Sterling color and utilizing a glass fiber reinforced concrete mix to save weight and increase strength in comparison to conventional concrete.

Kings Plaza has been a major shopping center in Brooklyn since the early 1970s.

concrete planter