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WebMD NYC office

Following a deal made with Google, WebMD left its office space on 111 Eighth Avenue in New York City. The new space is a nine-year sublet with Kaplan Test Prep on 395 Hudson Street. Moving enabled WebMD to increase space by over 50% from its previous office. The health information company wanted to create a modern, impressive office space.

Concreteworks East was very excited to contribute to the project. The work was completed in early 2016. The design firm for the project, TPG Architecture, brought Concreteworks East onto the project to fabricate custom GFRC cladding for the reception desk, a striking feature for the space right as you enter the office from the elevator lobby.

For the WebMD office space, we customized our standard white sample and introduced a small grit stone aggregate. We also further increased the proportion of white pigment, creating a completely unique, light terrazzo product for the client. Reveals were built into the sweeping angled seams of the panels to highlight the flowing geometric lines visible throughout the space. The corner panel was cast in one full piece to avoid any seams that would interrupt that design intent.

The project was featured in Interior Design’s4 Outstanding Offices in the U. S.” The new office space is eye-catching and features a steel-bead curtain.

Since 1991, Concreteworks East has provided innovative design solutions from one of the world’s most flexible, beautiful, and sustainable materials, custom concrete. We have worked on a variety of projects, including the American Airlines headquarters, bars, restaurants, commercial structures, hardscapes, multi-unit residential structures, parks, and city projects. Please contact us today to learn how we can help you.

Photo credit to Eric Laignel. Collaboration with TPG Achitecture.

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