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interior concrete wall panels

A recently completed project at a Hampden Lane residence in Bethesda, MD featured precast wall panels in one of our newer standard finishes; the honeycomb finish. When casting the honeycomb finish, the concrete is completely placed by hand into the mold. This process creates honeycomb voids throughout the face of the concrete surface along with slight veining effect that highlights the hand placed pattern. The voids are left unfilled which results in one of our most unrefined and natural finishes. The additional depth and contrast makes the finish ideal for feature walls in any space. The finish is still achieved using a GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) mix so there is little sacrifice when it comes to the physical properties of the concrete product in both superior strength and weight when compared to conventional concrete. Additionally, cast-in clips are also still compatible with this finish, easing the installation process.

The Hampden Lane residence used the honeycomb precast panels for the feature walls that run vertically through the house to define the main stairway. The panels were cast at 1″ thick in a natural concrete color. View more photos from the project in the gallery below.

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