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concrete hardscapes pool

Architectural precast concrete offers an array of possibilities unmatched by other materials. From color to shape, finish, and aggregates, the elements that create the finished product can be customized to each unique project. Fabricated upside down, the molds not only create the shape of the product but provide a surface for cast in place elements to be set and included in the final product.

The most popular element,custom lettering, can be used to show a company logo, label and define spaces, or as shown below, create text for commercial pool coping. The lettering material, typically acrylic available in multiple colors, is CNC’d to your exact font, size, and text requirements. When the product is removed from the mold, the lettering is now embedded into the concrete. The concrete is finished and sealed as usual, leaving a finished product exactly as designed that would of not been possible with other materials. The lettering can also be designed to be removed from the concrete afterwards, leaving a relief of the text that creates added depth and continuity to the product.

Photos of the process are shown below and really demonstrate the unique process of making architectural precast concrete.

concrete lettering
cast in place lettering
concrete lettering
pool coping
concrete pool coping
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