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concrete lettering

In a previous blog post from 2016, we highlighted one of the amazing design opportunities of custom precast concrete; cast-in place lettering. A couple of years later, Concreteworks East is excited to be working on another project that will feature stunning cast-in place letters integrated into custom precast pool coping, this time for SOHO House’s newest club location in Brooklyn.

One of the great advantages of custom precast concrete over natural stone is that the custom concrete components are cast specifically for your project, completely made to order. Besides allowing designers the opportunity to customize color, and texture completely unique to their project, custom precast concrete also allows for a variety of cast-in features to be incorporated into the molds or directly into the concrete mix itself. These features could include custom surface aggregate, complex light channels, and of course most popularly, lettering or branding.

For this project, the cast-in place lettering is used to create “NO DIVING” and various depth readings around a pool. However, letterings could be used for a variety of functions, from company logos, labels, and defining spaces within an area. The lettering for this project is uniquely using brushed stainless steel at ¼” thick which were beautifully cut by American Sign Letters using a custom font. Though a variety of materials can be used for the lettering such as acrylic and or stone. The lettering is placed into the mold, the concrete is cast, and when the cast product is removed from the mold after curing, the lettering is now embedded into the concrete. The concrete is finished and sealed as usual, leaving a finished product exactly as designed that would have not been possible with other materials. The lettering can also be designed to be removed from the concrete afterwards, leaving a relief of the text that creates added depth and continuity to the product.

Photos of the process and the finished product are below and hopefully really demonstrate the amazing design opportunities a custom precast architectural product can offer. If you would like to request more information on having similar work made for your project, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at (732)-390-9944 or at

concrete letters
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concrete letters
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