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concrete tread stips

Precast concrete stair treads continue to rapidly grow in popularity. As with any architectural precast product from Concreteworks East, our stair treads are custom fabricated exactly to size to any unique profile, utilizing an almost endless possibility of colors in a variety of finishes. Not only is a concrete stair tread highly flexible aesthetically, it also needs to be highly functional component as well. The ability to integrate abrasive strips into the concrete tread design highlights how a concrete product can encompass flexibility in both aesthetics and function. The abrasive strips serve as an anti-slip component.

The most popular abrasive set-up utilizes material in individual strips as they allow the designer to have more control over the spacing, length, and aesthetics of the overall abrasive structure when compared to a full plate nosing. The most common materials used for abrasive strips are:

Stainless Steel: Available in a brushed or natural matte finish.
Brass: Available in a brushed, natural matte, or mirror finish.
Balco AS-2: A flexible, slip-resistant epoxy strip with a textured surface, available in multiple colors.

abrasive strips

The strips are common set in pairs or groups of 3 that run between 75-100% the width of the stair tread. The leading strip is always approximately 1” off the tread nosing with a ¾” to 1” spacing between the proceeding strips. Since the abrasive strips are not cast in place and are set at the end of the fabrication process in a cast recess, it allows the finish of the concrete tread to be un-restricted. Whether utilizing a polished, terrazzo, or acid wash finish, the strips will not interfere with the finishing process. This process also allows the abrasive strips to be installed about 1/16” higher than the concrete finished surface which allows the material to create the necessary grip.

The result is a highly functional stair tread designed and customized for your specific project. If you are interested in learning more about our precast stair treads or have a project you would like to quote, please reach out to us a or (732)-390-9944.

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